iPhone 6S Release Date Revealed by Leaks

Leaks are a part and parcel of the mobile world and the iPhone 6S release date happens to be one of them. And reports are doing the rounds about Samsung release date leaks as well. Looks like both Apple and Samsung are just about to change the release dates for their upcoming flagship devices.

iPhone 6S Release Date

It looks like this time around both Samsung and Apple will change their release schedule. It is understood that the iPhone 6S release date may be pulled two months ahead of schedule.

It is not only about the iPhone 6S release date, even Samsung is thinking of releasing their next product earlier than their usual annual date.

The devices that are scheduled for early release are iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus by Apple, while for Samsung, it is Galaxy Note 5.

There have been a number of sources for the two iPhones to be released earlier than usual. The reports have emanated from UDN, which is a popular website in the Chinese language. According to these reports, the iPhone 6S release date would fall sometime in the month of July instead of September. This means the new iPhones will make an appearance two months in advance.

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What Prompted Early Release

According to UDN, the reason for the early iPhone 6S release date is the key modules showing higher than anticipated output. This was always seen as a challenge for most of the years. Apart from that, Apple is also accelerating the component orders.

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Apple and Samsung have always been bitter foes when it comes to Smartphone markets all over the world. Taking a cue from Apple, probably, Samsung will also release the Galaxy Note 5 by the end of July. The report was published in WhowiredKorea.

It is known that Samsung has even finalized the specs of the Galaxy Note 5. The specifications and prototype have been made available for global partners as well.

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About Samsung’s Decision

It would indeed make sense to see Samsung bring the release date of Galaxy Note 5 to months prior. After all, Samsung will be launching Samsung Pay in July only. This would allow Samsung Pay to go well with the phablet. That would also help the South Korean company a drop on other Android competitors.

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As far as iPhone 6S release date is concerned, it all depends on the authenticity of the high yield reports and in what volume they are. If yields are higher, it would make sense for Apple to prepone the launch of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

Samsung Under Pressure

Even if Apple makes any changes in the iPhone 6S release date or not, the pressure will be entirely on Samsung. The iPhone 6 and Plus have had great consumer appeal and with enhanced models, it is likely to stay for all the good reasons.

This year will see Samsung bring out its key Smartphone generation ever since the Galaxy S2 was released. The risks are accompanied by handsome profits as well. And the Apple camp can feel a bit relaxed with the S juggernaut.

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