iPhone 6s Rumors: Device to support 2GB RAM

After the iPhone 6, there are loads of iPhone 6s rumors going on around. While there may be an iota of truth in the news, there are enough of rumors as well. And one of them is Apple’s upcoming device is said to support 2GB of RAM.

iPhone 6s Rumors

The Apple Smartphone iPhone 6 made headlines for a variety of reasons even before it had been launched. Such rumors are a part of the industry and can be felt whenever a new product from a company like Apple is in the wings. The same is now for the iPhone 6s rumors.

The iPhone 6s is the successor to the earlier launched Smartphone iPhone 6. As stated above, it is rumored that the iPhone 6s will come with support for the 2GB RAM. The same was also offered for the iPad Air 2. So, one can doubt if it is indeed a rumor as the 2GB RAM has been used earlier by Apple.

Bumping in RAM

With new hardware and heavier apps making appearance all the while, it becomes vital that there is additional RAM in the devices. And Apple is recognized to bump the inbuilt memory in their next generation of releases. So, keeping that in mind, the 2GB RAM may not be the iPhone 6s rumors that we are currently speaking of.


With more RAM it will allow more programs to run in the background. This will be an addition in the features. However, it should be kept in mind that it will also eat into more battery life.

Apple SIM Compatibility

It is not only about the iPhone 6s rumors. It is also understood that there will be Apple SIM compatibility. But it remains to be seen if Apple SIM compatibility is indeed something for real or not. It would, in this case, take the control away from the carriers leading to more confusion in the future.

iPad Air 2 Plus

Be it iPad Air 2 Plus or iPad Pro, some details regarding the hardware have been revealed. If what 9To5Mac is to be believed, the iPad Air 2 Plus will have USB 3.0 to the 12.9-inch iPad. Now, is it another rumor like the iPhone 6s rumors, only time will tell.

Apple will start manufacturing the iPad Pro from the month of September this year.

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