iPhone 7 Cases Leaked Ahead of Next Month Launch

The iPhone 7 cases have been leaked ahead of the launch scheduled for September. The launch is understood to have been postponed by a week’s time.

iPhone 7 Cases


The iPhone 7 is just round the corner. And it is the best time for leaks and rumors. As for the accessories of the device, the iPhone 7 cases have also just leaked out. News had come out earlier that the iPhone launch would take place on September 23, instead of September 16. We have talked about a lot of things in the past about the iPhone 7. So, we won’t repeat things over and over again.

Coming to the point about the iPhone 7 cameras, we have to speak of the iPhone 7 cases too. The iPhones will come in bigger camera lenses, which is evident from the cases. As for the iPhone 7 Plus, the device will have dual-camera setup.

There are various rumors that keep floating about the upcoming Apple phone day in and day out. And that’s why it’s important to know a few things about Apple iPhone 7. However, considering the iPhone as a whole, it’s understood that Apple will bring out just the 7 and the Plus model, which means there’s no iPhone 7 Pro.

The inventory shows that the iPhone 7 cases as well as bumpers that are scheduled for delivery on 15th of next month. Now this would look precisely the fitting schedule keeping in mind that the newest devices are rumored in the same period. The pre-orders of the iPhone are likely to start on September 9th.


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