iPhone 7 Clone Surfaces in China With Dual Cameras

Ever heard of iPhone 7 clone? If not, yes, you heard it right. There are clones of smartphones too and they are faster than the original ones.

iPhone 7 Clone

Apart from the latest Apple iPhone 7 news and all the hype surrounding it, maybe we have missed an “iPhone 7 Clone”. The knock off iPhones are already there, probably even before the official iPhone hits the market. And what do you think the iPhone 7 clone price would be, just for guesses?

Many times we see devices that are similar in features as well as in designs. Such features and designs may roughly match any number of phones. However, all of them are unique in their own way. That’s why patents protect the gadgets. But, how about knocked phones altogether?


Some Chinese brands jump the gun without any fear and make their own knock off device. And the same has happened in the case of iPhone 7. The clone has already been made and what’s interesting is it comes with dual-cameras as well. The worrying thing for Apple is that many brands in China have been successful in getting a peep into their phones and this is the reason why this time also they came out with an iPhone 7 clone.

What’s surprising is that these Chinese brands even dare to take legal action for design and patent infringements. A few hours back an image surfaced on the web that looked like a potential upcoming iPhone. However, a close look at it revealed that it was actually an iPhone 7 clone. No wonder, this is yet another knock off device.

The image shows the clone in rose gold having antenna design near the top as well as bottom edges. It also shows a dual-camera situated to the device’s back left corner. The important thing is the words written to the back of the device that read “Designed in Taiwan Made in China.” Now the question is if Apple stands to face one more lawsuit in China.


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