iPhone 7 features 12MP Dual Camera and Much More

iPhone 7 features 12MP dual lens camera, IPX7 water resistance and much more. This will be available in storage capacity of 32GB, 128GB and 256GB.

iPhone 7 Features


iPhone 7 features have been revealed by Ming-Chi Kuo who happens to be a KGI Security Analyst. He is famous for spreading rumors about the Apple devices which are mostly true. This time, he has come up with an elaborated research report just before the iPhone 7 launch. iPhone 7 is getting launched on the coming Wednesday, September 7. This report contains some old ones disclosed by Kuo himself with some more rumours. As per Ming-Chi Kuo, iPhone7 and iPhone 6s are very identical in design. The general users may not feel the differences significantly but there are definitely latest updates in the newest variant. The upgradations in the iPhone 7 features wide color display just like the previous versions of iPhone in exactly same resolution and size. This wide color technology was taken from the iPad Pro which will provide improved color for the display.

iPhone 7 Plus is said to have a dual-lens camera at the back of 12MP each. These rear cameras have four LED flash comprising of 2 cool and 2 warm ones. They will also be introducing the latest ambient light sensor which helps in taking better quality pictures. One of the rumor suggests that there’s a possibility that the proximity sensor has been shifted to laser from LED to enhance the device’s performance in terms of potential gesture recognition making them the best of the iPhone 7 features.


The first one of the two cameras will sport a wide-angle camera, bigger pixel size, optical image stabilization and 6P lens. The second one will sport a telephoto lens, small pixel size and 5P lens. However, Dual-camera facility will be hiking the product’s price by almost $40. Eventually, iPhone 7 will be pricey than the iPhone 6s Plus. Speaking about the price, the iPhone 7 price leak along with the Plus price leak also took place a few days back.

Apple iPhone 7 will be having a new A10 chip which could perform at 2.4-2.45 GHz derived from TSMC. It may get clocked down a little from the company to save the phone from heating and keeping in mind the power consumption. Just like Apple Watch, iPhone 7 is going to get better IPX7 water resistance. This will safeguard the phone from external splashes, showers, and water level up to 1 meter deep. The latest haptics will mimic a click sensation as soon as the button is pressed. And, ultimately these home buttons which are going to be click free is beneficial for water resistance. Talking about the storage, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. iPhone 7 will come with the usual 2GB but to support the dual-camera, iPhone will be sporting 3GB DRAM.


Both of these devices are rolling out with Lightning EarPods and also a 3.5mm Jack adapter with the device. This means that these devices won’t have the earphone jack – some of the new iPhone 7 features – which will in turn benefit the user. They will be allowed to use upgraded speakers and better Force Touch. It will also feature a latest audio amplifier and the receiver will act as a speaker. This signifies that there will be no separate speaker and instead the receiver will be the source to hear stereo sounds. iPhone 7 features five colors. We already have four which is silver, gold, rose gold, and the latest one is dark black instead of space gray. Also, the fifth one revealed by Ming-Chi Kuo is a glossy piano black. During the starting of this week, there was a leaked image of SIM Trays displaying five colors was unveiled.

Ming-Chi Kuo has a belief that the orders and shipment of iPhone will be lesser than iPhone 6s during the fall end. There were 82 million shipments for the previous variant. This year it’s presumed that the target won’t go beyond 60 to 65 million. Also, Apple’s water resistant clause gave a setback to the mass production till August end. As per reports, FeliCa NFC will be present in the upcoming model to be launched this year.

We will keep you updating about the iPhone 7 features and other details as and when they are available with us. Stay tuned for the September 7 launch.


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  1. Thanks for the article! I like the better camera and the extra telephoto camera, and I like the storage upgrade, but I am not sure about the absence of the headphone jack as I have invested in a few headphones already. But the fact that I currently have an iPhone 5, makes upgrading to iPhone 7 worth considering! Thanks again.


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