iPhone 7 Leaked Video with iPhone 7 Pro Look Hot

Here’s one more iPhone 7 leaked video out, out of the many so far. The video does show the device along with the iPhone 7 leaked images that we saw so far. The phones indeed look very hot.

iPhone 7 Leaked Video

We have been hearing a lot of things about the iPhone 7 leaked images so far. The iPhone 7, the Pro/Plus have hogged the limelight to a great extent. There have been so many stories about the new iPhone that, at times it touches a boring point. Having said that, it’s still vital, you know some of the important things about the new iPhone.


Constantly surfacing news about the iPhone 7 leaked design and other things are a proof of how much interest there is in this new arrival. What’s more, the phone has become such a hit that there is already a clone in China having dual cameras The release and launch of the new iPhone is speculated to be in the September 12 week.

The iPhone 7 leaked video and similar leaks have been thick and fast as now we know the production of the upcoming Apple smartphone is in full swing. For those who are in the touch will know that the leaked designs were already there quite a while ago. Even the mockups of the phones were out as well. There was also a supposedly Gold variant out, which was more of a fake one.

This year, someone with the name of “KK” is at the top of the charts to look up for the iPhone 7 leaks. We don’t know who this person is. In fact, not many people know about it. But, this individual has managed to become the hotspot of all the iPhone 7 specs and leaks.


Below is something like an iPhone 7 leaked video, which shows someone holding replicas of the upcoming iPhone. It has both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus mockups. The devices are seen in Rose Gold. The person in the video is talking and explaining something about the iPhones. However, his voice has been overridden by music. So, we are stranded for ideas of what he is trying to explain.

Nevertheless, we will bring to you the latest, be it the iPhone 7 leaked images or the iPhone 7 leaked specs.


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