iPhone 7 Photos: Photos Grabbed with the new iPhone 7

Here’s a beautiful gallery of the latest iPhone 7 photos. These photos have been grabbed in real time and look absolutely stunning. It easily shows the camera as the USP of the new iPhone.

iPhone 7 Photos

iPhone 7-photos

After lots of rumors and leaks running around for weeks together, the iPhone 7 was finally officially announced by Apple on September 6. And immediately it was also announced that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus would soon make their way to the popular Indian market. This makes this new iPhone the fastest to reach India after the global announcement.

Before this, it was the iPhone 6 and 6s Plus that were made available in India in 37 days. So, the iPhone 7 India launch at INR 63,000 makes it the fastest to come to India in 19 days, on September 26. Before the launch of the iPhone 7 three days back, we had reported about the 12MP dual camera and a few features in the new phone to watch out for. And with these iPhone 7 photos and other features out, you can easily compare them for yourself.

The iPhone 7 photos are clicked with a 12MP sensor camera. For this time, Apple has decided to keep the same resolution. However, they have improved on the optical system for a better and more advanced output. This helps in increasing the capacity of light to absorb in the device. If we were to compare the iPhone 6s and this new iPhone, the iPhone 7 has the capacity to absorb at least 50 per cent of light thanks to the f1.8 wide aperture.

The images posted here are clicked on the latest iPhone, as we have mentioned above. They include low light conditions, bright daylight conditions and a range of other time periods of the day. So, it’s easy for you to compare them all. Do, let us know your views on the iPhone 7 photos.

iPhone 7-photos


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