iPhone 7 Production May Touch 75 Million by Year-end

Apple seems to increase the iPhone 7 production. The company has reportedly expanded its orders by 10 percent and the Cupertino firm is targeting 75m units by year end.

iPhone 7 Production

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We have no information about the exact reason for this sudden outpour in the demand. And according to a new analyst memo, these extended devices are expected to land up later around the second half of the current year, especially the iPhone 7 plus variants.

As per J.P. Morgan Asia Pacific research team, Apple is about to bring around 75 million handsets by the end of 2016 instead of its prior estimation of 70 million. And the analysts note that these revised numbers are pretty thin as against the second half of last year’s 85-90 million units of iPhone 6s. The revised supply number is based on the broader factors that mainly include aggressive US Carrier promotions. The company is launching the new iPhone 7 in 28 countries and the major competitor Samsung, has been forced to recall its first batch of Note 7 devices, due to innumerable incidents of battery explosions. However, there’s the Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Stock that comes with Software Update.

Apple has sent out instruction for the increase in the iPhone 7 production to its supply channel as its chief competitor, Samsung, has mishandled and failed to provide a smooth working device. And thus the Cupertino company could enter into this gap.

Reports also indicate of the popularity of the iPhone 7 Plus in spite of bearing carrying a higher price tag. The reason behind this is probably the device’s dual-camera that is capable of clicking pictures with 2x optical zoom. As far as the iPhone 7 is concerned, it underwent a drop test and came out victorious against its predecessor iPhone 6s.

We are all looking for the iPhone 7 production to reach those ambitious figures. Let’s see what time has in store for the Cupertino firm.

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