iPhone 7 Rumour Boasts of Having Great Features

There has been many an iPhone 7 rumour for the past few months now. One such latest is the new Apple phone having great features.

iPhone 7 Rumour

If the new iPhone 7 rumour is to be believed, people can now wait for the phone to come with a dual lens camera and a Smart Connector too. This leaked rumour has excited the people and so had a similar one which was leaked few days prior to this. The other plans, or who knows if that’s iPhone 7 rumor, that has been revealed is that possibly this can be considered to be .1mm thicker than the iPhone 6 series. Also initially it was thought that this phone will not have bump to it anymore but as the camera plan are changing it seems as if the bump is a bit more than necessary.

The camera is supposedly coming with a wider opening too. The Smart Connector feature will anyhow enable the phone to get charged with the help of the wireless charger and this can really be a lot more bearable. This will not stop at here though. One can also expect the features of keyboard and the transfer of the data to be a part too. Also it is rumoured that the iPhone 7 will no more sport a headphone jack supporter measuring 3.5mm, instead will move on to the support of Bluetooth and lightning.


As far as the Plus models of the new iPhone are concerned, one thing is questionable and that’s the top and bottom bezels. As per the iPhone 7 rumour, Apple’s busy with something like edge-to-edge display.

As usual, take all these things with a pinch of salt as it is pretty likely that there can be iPhone 7 rumour hidden here too. The only way to know things officially is to wait to hear from the horse’s mouth.


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