iPhone 7 Sales Turn out to be Disappointing

iPhone 7 sales didn’t turn out to be as expected but were welcomed with open arms by its loyal fans. With such response, will Apple be able to sell 100 million phones this year?

iPhone 7 Sales


Excited about the iPhone 7 sales after the launch? the Apple employees from were all eagerly waiting to open its stores last Friday for its beloved customers. But unfortunately, it didn’t turn out to be as predicted. This time, the Apple fans in comparison to the previous years were less in number. Every year these fans assemble at the Apple stores all around the world. This is a kind of retail magic whenever there happens to be a new launch.

However, it’s hard to understand when on one hand there’s a dismal looking performance for the iPhone 7, on the other, there’s likely to be a rise in the sales in the offing.

Earlier this week, when the iPhone 7 Plus was all sold out. The company actually had to ask some of its fans who had set up their camps outside the company’s Marquee store to actually head back to their homes. In China, only the ones who had given advance orders were there to collect the latest gadget. Wu Ting, a lady from Nanjing couldn’t believe her eyes when she reached the Apple store in Shanghai that too on Friday, supposed to be a holiday in China.

After the iPhone 7 sales have dropped, the stakes have gone higher. It shows the first decline in the history of the giant tech company. iPhone is the front from where Apple accumulates more than half of its revenue.


In the year 2014, iPhone 6 sales in China had pushed the company forward to set new records. On the other hand, earlier this year iPhone 6S was responsible for the revenue drop of the Company. This happened for the first time in a period of ten long years. One of the unusual policy changes that took place was Apple not releasing its first weekend sales this year.

Search on China’s search engine, Baidu Inc reveals that the demand for the new phone and the iPhone 7 sales could go extremely low as compared to iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. Sales of iPhone have gone down in China in the month of April to June paving way for its local rivals named Oppo, Huawei and Vivo. Apple’s market share has dropped down up to 7.8%.

Apple though goes through a downfall but it does not at all mean they lost. The loyal fans of Sydney definitely ended up being loyal customers as well. A die hard Apple fan, 16 years of age named Marcus Barsoum actually spent two nights outside the Sydney store. There were around 200 people lined up to be the first customers to get a hold of the latest iPhone 7S.

Marcus was among those who wished to buy the iPhone 7S in jet black color but by the time his number came he could only own the black colored iPhone 7. People like these are a good reason for Apple to see the iPhone 7 pre-orders escalate as compared to the last year and that’s why the iPhone 7 sales would see a rise.

Omar Nofal, a doctor, thought himself to be lucky as he bought a silver colored iPhone 7. It was his first upgrade in the time period four long years. He said that he was happy to wait till next year as many predicted that Apple might redesign the iPhone collection to mark its 10th anniversary. But he couldn’t do so because his iPhone screen had broken making it difficult for him to wait for another year. How the iPhone 7 sales will shape will be answered by the time to come.


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