iPhone 8 2017: Concept Images or a Reality?

iPhone 8 2017 might be in the making as details of the next Apple device are out. The company is expected to unleash its new iPhone in the next year. Read on to know more about the device.

iPhone 8 2017


After the India launch of Apple iPhone 7, we now hope to see the next model of Apple’s device. Till now we didn’t have any clue what the name of Apple’s next device would be. But now with the latest rumor, we have got a name, which is iPhone 8.

Actually, Business Insider was talking to an Apple employee. While talking to him he revealed the name to the website at Apple’s research and development facility situated in Israel. Reportedly, the employee said that the work is currently on for the next products. And soon after that, he disclosed the name “iPhone 8”. Recently we published an iPhone 7 drop test video. Well, the test proves the device to be extremely powerful and robust. We hope the iPhone 8 2017 to attain the same power as its predecessor.

Furthermore, the Apple employee put more light on some details of iPhone 8. He told that the device would be “different” from the prior devices as offered by the company. And he added that iPhone 8 2017 could sport a better camera also. Still, it’s too premature to talk about the iPhone 8 specs and features, but you can take a look on the Apple iPhone 7’s features.

Previously, we have seen some reports that suggested an edge-to-edge display design for Apple’s next device. Earlier reports had also revealed that Apple could embed a fingerprint scanner as well along with a front camera in the next year’s Apple phone. The new iPhone 8 could also pick up a curved display similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

There weren’t any further details revealed by the employee concerning the iPhone 8. But reportedly, the new device will pivot on cameras, wireless technology, and chips as well.

This is just a rumor as of now, so we have to wait for any official nod on this news. But the name iPhone 8 2017 seems great as Apple could be introducing a completely fresh look for its next device. As the time passes by, we hope to see some more iPhone 8 revealed details.


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