iPhone 8 cost to start from $870 and can touch $1070 for a 256 GB model

Analyst have predicted that the new iPhone 8 cost will start at $870 and the maximum cost will be $1070 for a 256 GB model.

iPhone 8 cost

iPhone 8 cost
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Rumored prices

While the iPhone 7 fever is still going among the users and the analysts have already started offering their views on the upcoming iPhone 8 and its prices. Different analysts have different price strata. UBS analyst Steven Milunovich claims that the iPhone 8 base variant will start at $870 and can reach a maximum amount of $1070 for the highest storage model. Earlier, the same analyst from UBS had a different price stratum for the new iPhone 8. He claimed that the iPhone 8 cost will touch $1000 for the base variant.  Goldman Sachs’ analyst Simona Jankowski, earlier this month, predicted the price of iPhone 8 at $999 for 128 GB and $1099 for 256 GB variant.

Reason behind the difference in pricing

The difference in pricing between Goldman Sachs and UBS is mainly due to the storage variants. It might be because that the former is talking keeping in mind the 64 GB variant and the latter is talking about a 128 GB iPhone base variant.

How does the analysts base their prices

Analyst base their pricing depending on how much a company is spending on the components of the smartphone. This is way too ahead since the company has not made any official announcement about the new iPhone 8.

Big sentence cut short, iPhone will be by far Apple’s most expensive phone, but no matter what, iPhone 8 cost should not cross $1000. What are your thoughts on the same?


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