iPhone 8 Dummy Model Pictures Leaked, An Edge-To-Edge Design Evident

Every year iPhone is one of the most anticipated phones resulting in several rumors before it is launched. Not every one of them turns out to be true, but iPhone fans seem to fan the fire.

iPhone 8 Dummy

iphone 8 dummy
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Apple’s most expected smartphone of the year, the iPhone 8 has become a topic of speculations and rumors since November 2016 itself. While there are some disheartening reports on the delay in the release of the iPhone 8, the recently leaked pictures of iPhone 8 dummy is keeping the hopes high for Apple lovers. The recently leaked picture of the show a lot of interesting information regarding the features of the device.

Leaked Images Show Edge-To-Edge, No-Home-Button iPhone 8 Design

According to Foxconn, the CNC iPhone 8 dummy model of the device has an obvious, edge-to-edge design as expected. A number of leaked photos show that the device will feature a dual-camera setup on the left corner of the rear side with flash. Like the other iPhone models, the volume control buttons and the mute switch are placed on the left side of the device. On the right, Apple has placed a slightly elongated power button and the usual SIM card slot. The iconic home button of the device was nowhere to be found in the leaked images. This suggests that Apple will be ditching the traditional home button on its tenth-anniversary flagship iPhone.

Will Apple Integrate Touch ID Under The Display?

The no-home-button feature also suggests that Apple is planning to integrate its touch-ID feature under the display. The leaked images also show that the device is designed with a glass back panel and a polished stainless steel frame similar to the original iPhone. It looks like Apple is reviving its revolutionary design for the tenth anniversary. However, the leaked images do not show the company’s logo on the device. Also, these images are not an official announcement from the Cupertino tech giant. Hence, iPhone lovers can take the information with a grain of salt.

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