A huge milestone achieved as iPhone completes ten years

Yass! You read that right. iPhone completes ten years being in the smartphone industry. It was back then in 2007 that it unveiled its first iPhone model.

iPhone completes ten years

iPhone completes ten years
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Celebration time begins as our luxurious iPhone completes ten years today. Yes, it has been exactly ten years that Apple had launched its first iPhone in 2007. And what could be a more suitable platform than Cheese’s to celebrate its 10th anniversary on Thursday. So, are you taking your iPhones along to Chuck E? And guess what? Just a few days ago, OnLeaks had shared iPhone 8 dummy images hinting its display and features in detail. So, it’s kinda double-celeb time for iPhone fans.

And we all have seen the evolution of iPhone from first model till its current one. Be it bigger displays, camera quality, fingerprint sensors, Siri or other brilliant features, iPhone has created its own trademark with every launch. In this quarter, the iPhone sale will touch a huge record of 41.5 million units. Therefore, we can say that Apple has succeeded in creating billions of satisfied fans and users throughout the world. And that’s why people rely on impressive iPhone camera the most for getting those beautiful captures.

Neerja Softwares, an organization has made a beautiful infographic displaying the entire 10-year journey of iPhone i.e. from 2007 to 2017. Anybody can view the slide show, and check out the interesting events and releases of iPhones.

As our most-beloved gadget iPhone completes ten years, spare some time to go through the informative slides created by Neerja Software. Don’t forget to tell us about what you loved the most in this handy presentation.


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