iPhone Purchased for Dog! For What Reason?

iPhone purchased for dog in China by the son of a billionaire. He gifted his pet dog as many as eight iPhone 7 Plus. Sounds hilarious?! Well, not to him.

iPhone Purchased for Dog


Last week in China, people were waiting in line to buy the latest Apple iPhone series there was an iPhone purchased for dog. Finding it tough to belive? Amidst all this hula hoop, a pet dog got really lucky. The Alaskan malamute Coco, is a pet dog of China’s billionaire Wang Jianlin’s son Wang Sicong. And would you believe it, Coco has a verified Weibo account which is considered same as Twitter in China sporting 1.9 million followers.

The news which is breaking the internet is that Wang Sicong, owner of Coco bought her 8 iPhone 7 Plus units on the day when the latest Apple smartphone was released. This has been revealed by the shared photos on dog’s Weibo account.


The iPhone purchased for the dog was iPhone 7 Plus which is priced at 7,988 Yuan in China, is equivalent to nearly $1,197. This is not the very first time that Wang Sicong has spent so much money on gifting Coco something. He gifted his pet dog a couple of Gold Apple Watches which were priced more than $37,000. This was seen in the pictures posted on Coco’s Weibo account back in 2015 where Coco was seen wearing two Apple watches with luxury bands. In the latest post, Coco is flaunting his eight iPhone 7 in Rose Gold and Black color handsets.

If iPhone production touches the 75 million mark, don’t forget to give some credit to Coco for this too. The new iPhones were drop tested and it was found out that they faired better than the previous iPhones, especially, the iPhone 6s. But on a lighter note, what do you think of the iPhone purchased for dog?

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