iPhone X-Like Notch To be Dumped Even as Others Replicate it

The iPhone X-like notch will likely be dumped in the next year’s iPhones. However, there are quite a few brands that replicate the iPhone X design.

iPhone X-Like Notch

iPhone X-like notch

The iPhone X-like notch. A very familiar word by now, the notch the Apple X is truly famous. Though questioned for its style and practicality, the notch is definitely been liked by many phone companies. And many are trying to replicate the Apple iPhone like notch into their flagships. However, the iPhone X notch in this year’s edition is likely to be smaller.Which ones? Read on to find out!

The notch in the Apple iPhone X was a whole new design and Apple didn’t attempt this before. This fresh new take on a design that has been followed for many years. Well, Apple took it and though it was thrown a lot of bricks for doing so, the notch was liked by many. It’s small, it’s on top, it’s useful without taking much of screen space. Well, many other companies thought the same too. And while Apple has decided to ditch the notch, many phone companies actually want the Apple iPhone X-like notch on their smartphones.

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Huawei P20 Lite

Leaks of this unreleased phone from Huawei show a very small notch sitting on top. Though there is a thin bezel on the bottom of the device, there is almost no bezel on the top due to the notch, thus creating an almost bezel-less design for the screen. The notch on the Huawei P20 features a proximity sensor and also a front-facing camera.

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Oppo R15 and R15 Plus

iPhone X-Like Notch

While many companies have tried to at least modify the notch, Oppo went ahead and copied the original design. The Oppo R15 and R15 Plus have a true bezel-less design, and the iPhone X notch contributes to the overall seamless design. At the same time, both the R15 and R15 Plus also share a very thin chin. Although not all specifications have been released regarding the notch, for now, we are sure that the phone will be sporting a front-facing camera, though no word has arrived if it will be sporting face recognition too.

Vivo V9

iPhone X-Like Notch Vivo V9

The V series has always been the flagship series in Vivo, and Vivo has always done it’s best in this particular series. Vivo has also decided to copy the notch and place it on top of the Vivo V9. Except for the notch, there is nothing new in the design, and Vivo is also looking keen on continuing the bezel-less design it is gradually becoming known for.

Oppo F7

iPhone X-Like Notch Oppo F7

Frankly, the new Oppo F7 looks exactly like the iPhone X. Give it a twist and that’s when you’ll realize that it’s a phone from Oppo. The Oppo F7 also has a pure bezel-less design. Though still, unreleased, rumors claim that the front camera within the notch is a 25 MP camera that can take beautiful and clear photographs.


iPhone X-like notch has been a unique design, no doubt. There were instances when app developers had to tweak apps so they suited the iPhone X display. By the way, what do you think the outcome would be to have Android smartphones with such notch design? Don’t forget to put your views in the comments below.

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