iPhone X Notch will be Smaller in the 2018 Edition; Okay now?

You like it or not, the iPhone X Notch will be there in the 2018 edition too. However, Apple has taken care see that it will be smaller than its predecessor.

iPhone X Notch 2018

iphone x notch

iPhone X Notch is here to stay, you like it or not. And if you are still unhappy about it, here are a couple of ways to hide the notch. The 2018 edition of the iPhone will be a threesome launch. The attraction in this year’s iPhone is going to be the TrueDepth camera, which you are surely going to love if you have used the iPhone for its camera feature. The iPhone X portrait mode is an example where you get an enhanced picture quality.

As we have seen evolution in technology at various stages, the same’s going to happen with the TrueDepth camera allowing the iPhone X notch to be a bit smaller in size. No doubt, iPhone lovers would certainly like to see a smaller notch. But we have to see how soon this actually materializes.

Getting excited to see the iPhone X notch getting reduced? Hang on! It would be too premature to see the notch getting smaller even this year. Actually, there are reports suggesting the notch not reducing until the next year or even later.

iPhone X, Upcoming Smartphones November 2017

Design geeks will certainly welcome the smaller notch in the iPhone X. And as the doubt is, this year’s iPhones might resemble the earlier ones. One thought that lingers around is Apple might not be ready to take a chance for delays they faced earlier. This means the hardware might not see a huge change so soon. In turn, this again means, the notch staying in place as it is.

A research note from Apple reads:

Based on several data points within the 4Q17 reporting period and our supply chain meetings at CES, we remain confident that Apple is set to deploy its TrueDepth 3D sensor across the iPhone range in 2018 and to also add it to the pending iPad Pro refresh as well.

So, what are your views on the Apple iPhone X notch? Do let us know by commenting in the comments section below. We appreciate your views!


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