Is forgetting passwords your problem?

Is forgetting passwords your problem? Are you registered at a number of websites where you need to sign in regularly? Then it is the combination of usernames and passwords that you need to memorize. Penning down the passwords is another option, which has its own risks associated with it.

There are tools that do the tough job for you of ‘remembering’ the passwords for you. Many browsers also save the passwords if you are using a single personal computer from home. Your access to certain websites is fast and safe. However, all these factors have their limitations and don’t work under certain circumstances.

But the efforts of the US Company Motorola could bring in something special so that people, who often forget their passwords, won’t have to go through the laborious task of remembering the passwords. Motorola is currently working on an electronic form of tattoos. These tattoos stick to the skin of a person. These tattoos come with circuits, which makes it possible for the gadgets to recognize that particular person.

Now coming to pills, we might soon have password pills as well. It is a password pill that a person will swallow. It will then transmit signals to gadgets outside the human body. And what’s more, these pills will be battery-free. Well then, how will they work? The acids in the tummy will power the pills; it’s as simple as that.
There is no need to get so excited so soon. There is no plan from Motorola to sell any of these inventions in the near future.

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