Jobs Search Engine: A New Search Engine Driven by Google AI

Jobs search engine is a new feature launched by Google that will make easier for you to find job listings. Need a job? Head over to this search.

Jobs Search Engine

Jobs Search Engine

From now on, with the help of the Google jobs search engine, finding a job will not be a humongous task to you. Google is for your help. The way you have been making normal searches on the search engine giant so far, you can search for a job in the same way. And you will get the search results right on the SERPs itself.

The notion behind this new venture by Google means it will allow more options for potential job seekers to find their dream job. It’s easy with the jobs search engine from Google. Another thing Google is considering is they will offer job listings. So seekers don’t have to scour through numerous listings. At times, the same job requirements are repeated and it can be frustrating for the candidates.

Now does that mean that Google’s competing with the other purely job-oriented sites like CareerBuilder, WayUp or the more popular Monster? And don’t forget LinkedIn too. Well, at the moment, according to Google, they have no plans of having any sort of competition with the above-mentioned online job portals.

Filtering Options

Google has been making sure that this new feature is made as user-friendly as possible. That’s why you can filter the search by your location, the position you are seeking and most importantly, your location. Once you land on your query, you can even set notifications. This alerts you as soon as there is any new job position available.

When you find you dream job, Google will help you on your way for applying. Google just helps you in your process of applying for the job but doesn’t come in between your way. Moreover, the search engine giant also does not look after this process once you land a job. Cool, jobs search engine, right?


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