Joint Selfie a Possibility Irrespective of Location

Joint selfie has become a possibility today irrespective of the location of two buddies. You do not have to have your friend around for this. The new app Picpal makes this possible.

Joint Selfie

Are you a selfie addict? Do you love to take selfies along with your best friend? But what if your best friend isn’t around and you miss taking those funny selfies that you used to do together?


Do not worry. Technology has taken this leap too where it will make it possible for you to take joint selife no matter what the location of the two of you is.The new app we are talking about is Picpal.

The credit for developing this exciting app goes to MyndBee, which is a Texas-based company. Mahesh Rajagopalan, an Indian-American is the co-founder of the joint selfie app.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Download Picpal for Android here

The USP of the app is that it brings in one frame all the faces that can form a natural looking selfie. Your location doesn’t come in between this great selfie and your joys.

So, How Does Picpal Work?

For the joint selfie to work, Picpal users can send invitation to up to three friends for the selfie. Once the invitation is sent, the other person (to whom it is sent) has 15 minutes to respond. The invitees can then send the selfie that they have taken to you.

There are some exciting in-built tools that help in editing or retaking the selfie. There is also a text tool that you can use to put up funny messages too. Speaking about the app, MyndBee said that Picpal brings together the social media as well as real-time collages along with the selfie all put together in one single app to make a memorable joint selfie.

Picpal makes a compilation of all the selfies together in one collection. It will then be displayed at the Picpal’s gallery. Each of the collages is created with your friends jointly. There’s a lot to share once the collage is ready. It can be shared right within the app or also on other social media like Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook.

How to Begin

Users first connect their Facebook account. They can then invite other friends for joint selfie right from Facebook or can even send them text messages. When then invitees download the app, even the original person who sent invites can now invite them for making collections or collages.

When this process is over, the first user then takes his own selfie and the new friends have 24 hours to respond by taking their own. Once this stage is finished, the collage is ready to be shared. However, if the new contacts fail to respond (or do not) the collage will get automatically expired. So, there are no chances of a joint selfie.

A Word from the Developers…

What Picpal does it that it makes the users more interactive and engaging. So, there’s no room for just passive interaction like making comments or liking or even sharing. The users are more into the activities through joint selfie than just being a face in the crowd.

Picpal creates a more authentic experience, the app makers said. Friends and families are brought together all in real time to get the best of joint selfie.

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