Keynote from World Wide Developer’s Conference


The annual World Wide Developer’s Conference is an event from Apple Inc. that focuses on technology from Apple and what it has in the future. The WWDC keynote event took place on Monday morning in San Francisco. The very first thi
g that starts is the keynote where all the newly released products and plans are discussed in detail. Apple had a lot of new announcements to make including the much-talked about iOS 10 – the latest edition of iPhone OS.


World Wide Developer’s Conference

The keynote of the event lasted for a couple of hours. But, it was sufficient to list all that Apple had to speak of. It spoke in detail about each and every bit of the info of the new OS versions be it Apple TV, Smartwatches, Mac, tablets and, of course, the iPhones. Announcing the iOS 10 was something of a kind that CEO Tim Cook termed as “Mother of all Releases.”


One of the major announcements at the World Wide Developer’s Conference was the tvOS. With just one year old, the tvOS is performing extremely well by hosting 1300 video channels and apps that go beyond 6000. Eddy Cue, who is the Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services at Apple, said that the number of apps is still likely to increase in the near future. Fox Sports Go is scheduled to join tvOS in this summer along with Sling from Dish. French TV service Molotov is also ready to join the others in the league.


One of the key ingredients of Apple’s iOS’s is Siri. The virtual voice assistant has been there for a long time. And Apple has made improvements over the time. As far as the latest on Siri is concerned, Apple has decided to open Siri to developers. So now this means, any third-party developer will now be able to access Siri. And it will be thanks to an API called SiriKit that Apple announced at the WWDC 2016.


An important ingredient of the World Wide Developer’s Conference 2016, as seen in each edition, is Apple Maps. The new design of the app makes “lot more proactive.” Apple has made the app a tad predictive and capable of smart learning, so it always helps the users and eases any extra activities. As it’s smart enough to “learn”, it can also offer you any substitute route, if possible, which simplifies your journey.



Well, this is what you’re hearing for the first time, officially. As a matter of fact, macOS is a new name given to OS X and this particular edition will be known as Sierra. In the next month, the public beta will be launched followed by the full and final version in fall. Apple tries to ease things for its customers by maintaining continuity. And for this reason, the Cupertino-based company has announced Universal Clipboard. It allows the copy-paste function across several devices.

watchOS 3

Kevin Lynch is the Vice President of Technology, Apple. And he spoke about the watchOS 3 at the World Wide Developer’s Conference. And yes, the new edition is entirely refurbished. It comes with features so the device can perform faster than before. So, how fast is it? Apps load in the watchOS 3 that are now faster by seven times as compared to the watchOS 2. There’s also handwriting support in the form of Scribble app. Another exciting part is that, you can also change the faces of the watch often that suits the occasion.

iOS 10

One of the major announcements at the Worldwide Developer Conference 2016 was iOS 10. It’s the latest iteration of the operating system used for iPhones and similar Apple devices. As it’s the 10th edition of Apple, it has introduced 10 new features.


Lock screen, Siri, 3D Touch, Photos App, Apple Maps, Apple Music, Apple News, Apple Home Kit, Apple Voicemail, Apple iMessages are the ten features Apple introduced during the WWDC 2016. Most of the new features are actually revamped editions of their earlier versions. However, they are worked upon to dish out more out of them than before.

Swift Playground

Swift Playground is another new concept brought out by Apple. It actually targets the kids. And it is not just about playing around, but it will teach small kids to learn how to code. Though it’s released to the developers immediately, it will be available to the public only in the next month. And as app targets students, Apple decided not to put any fee to this and will be available coming fall.


Apple Music

Another key ingredient of Apple is its Music app. The new upgrade has added a Lyrics tab. Apart from that, there remains that unchanged list as it used to be, which is present at the bottom. The tabs are For you, Browse, Radio, Search and the last one being Library.


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