Kill switch option proposed for tablets and Smartphones: California

The California leaders are of the view that tablets and Smartphones in state should have the ‘kill switch’ options as a built-in feature. The feature should be in place for dealing with the increasing number of thefts of these gadgets.

Mark Leno, who is a senator along with some other elected representatives, came up with legislation mentioning that the newly manufactured products like the Smartphone and the tablets should use the feature that will allow a user to leave the device ineffective remotely.

This bill is the first such bill tabled in the United States. There is a fear that cannot be ruled out where the hackers will be able to control the gadget or even shut them down.

The number of robberies of devices like Smartphone is constantly on the rise and some concrete steps will have to be taken to prevent this ‘epidemic’ from spreading. A solution will have to be found with efforts and it won’t be available just like that.

Mark Leno further added that “Today we are officially stepping in and requiring the cell-phone industry to take the necessary steps to curb violent Smartphone thefts.” Things are taking serious turns regarding the safety of Smartphone and tab users.
The legislation will be strict and even slap fines on such devices that are sold in California if they do not have any feature that allows the device to be disabled. This includes both the service providers as well as the manufacturers. The big players in the industry like Apple will also have to come up with a solution for their iPhone to be disabled if stolen.

The process begins from the next year and the bill is likely to be tabled soon.

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