Laptop Battery Drain To Be Saved Due To Google Chrome

Laptop battery drain may have found a solution by virtue of Google Chrome. The solution was found by pausing flash content on web pages. For this, Google has joined hands with Adobe for updating their browser for PCs.

Laptop Battery Drain

Flash content grabs more battery than usually is used. But, with a view to giving users a better experience with flash content and making it more power-efficient, Google updated its Chrome browser for personal computers as well as for laptops. This will naturally draw more battery life, especially on laptops.

How Will The New Feature Work?

The latest feature brought in by Google will make out if there is any Flash content on that web page. If it finds any, the browser will decide if the content is essential part of that web page. In case it isn’t Chrome won’t load the content and save on laptop battery drain.

But if the feature cannot make out the content and pauses it, users will still be able to play it back. For that the user will have to click on content option for restarting the playback.

Google had spoken about the laptop battery drain feature on their blog. There is a very simple explanation given in the blog with details. To read the official blog from Google, click here.

laptop-battery-drainAccording to the post, Google will stop the playback of flash content like animation or any similar content, intelligently. If there is any central file that ought to be played, Google will keep playing it without any interruption. But, if ‘we’ – Google stops playing a file that a user is interested in, the user can click to restart the playback.

The Benefit of This Update

The laptop battery drain will be improved to a significant level, which means it will also bring down the power usage. So, if you are worrying about the laptop battery drain if there’s no power connection, the battery will certainly give a longer playback with the same charge.

Default Activation

The upside of the new feature is that it will be enabled by default on Chrome browser. The edition of the browser’s latest desktop beta channel will have this function. The update will also be available as a general release shortly.

Enabling the Feature Manually

If you wish to enable the feature manually, you can follow the following steps: Open the setting page of Google Chrome

Select “Detect and run important plugin content”

Google has also announced that there will be more power enhancements in the near future. This means Chrome would be a better option when it comes to laptop battery drain.

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