Latest Android phones in India: Galaxy On5 Pro and On7 Pro

Samsung’s latest Android phones in India now are another set of Galaxy devices – the Galaxy On5 Pro and Galaxy On7 Pro. Let’s get to know more about these smartphones.

Latest Android phones in India


There was not much hype around these phones. But, Samsung has launched two new phones, making them their latest Android phones in India. We are talking about the Galaxy On5 Pro and Galaxy On7 Pro. Samsung had recently said that it is looking to streamline the devices’ family and manufacture lesser devices. Samsung has admitted that it needs to curb the launch of its devices. But, how easy was that going to be?

Well, it is a habit for the South Korean company and it won’t just go away like that. It will need time for Samsung to come to terms (that it will launch fewer Android phones). Samsung had recently launched this year’s editions of Galaxy J2, Galaxy J5 as well as Galaxy J7. And now, of the latest Android phones in India from the company, here are the exclusive devices on the Indian market, which are the sequels to the earlier launched versions of Galaxy On5 as well as Galaxy On7.

These smartphones Galaxy On5 and Galaxy On7, you might have noticed are void of the suffix (2016). One reason could be the devices will not offer many upgrades as compared to their earlier counterparts. The model numbers are also the same for these devices. These phones will fall in the budget segment for the reason that they will come in LCD displays instead of the AMOLED displays.

These latest Android phones in India from the house of Samsung have specs that show that they are in the budget range. The On5 Pro has a 5-inch HD display and is powered by quad-core Exynos 3475 processor. It’s accompanied by 2GB RAM. It comes in 16GB storage and can be expanded with a microSD card. The cameras are 8MP and 5MP for the rear and front.

The On7 Pro has a slightly bigger HD screen with 5.5-inch. A quad-core Snapdragon 410 CPU powers the device with 2GB of RAM. It also has a better primary camera with 13MP. The battery in the On7 Pro is also improved with 3000mAh as against the 2600mAh for the On5 Pro. These handsets will run on the Android 6.0.1 Android Marshmallow.

The Galaxy On5 Pro price in India is Rs. 9190 and the Galaxy On7 Pro price in India is Rs. 11,990.


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