Latest Gadget News India: Samsung Unveils Galaxy C Series

According to the latest gadget news India, Samsung has launched the Galaxy C series phones for the Chinese market. The launch will take place on May 26.

Latest Gadget News India

According to the latest gadget news India, the very recent phone that is creating ripples is the Samsung Galaxy C series. Samsung is already a phone that has least of comparison. The phone that almost changed the market with the Android and its magic is now planning to have another successful series to it. The first two phones that are going to launch are the Samsung Galaxy C7 and Galaxy C5.

The features of both the phones are just more than amazing. These phones are definitely the most worthy of peoples’ expenditure. The Samsung C5 sports a display of 5.2-inches while the Samsung C7 sports a display of 5.7-inches. The processor is Snapdragon 617 with 64 bit. They both have 4GB RAM and an internal memory of up to 64 GB. The Galaxy C5 and the Galaxy C7 will likely feature, 2600mAh and 3000mAh battery respectively, it’s known as per latest gadget news India.


This enhances the chances of better gaming and storing experience. Even the chances of the phone getting stuck mid work also is definitely not a concern anymore. With all these new features the new models of Samsung Galaxy C series are definitely going to bring a great change. The phones are going to be launched on May 26 on the Chinese market. And with latest gadget news India keeping a watch on these activities, we will definitely come up with the latest smartphone news, once we have any concrete info on this.

The Galaxy C5 will carry a price tag of 1,599 CNY or nearly $245 and the Galaxy C7 will cost 1,799 CNY that translates to roughly $276.

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