LeEco Le 2: Everything you need to know

LeEco, formerly known as LeTV, enjoyed massive success in the world as well as in Indian handset market with its debut smartphone called Le 1S. Factors contributing to its massive success are premium metal design, mirror finish fingerprint scanner, powerful Octa-core processor, USB Type-C and a good camera setup. All these in a price tag under INR 10,000 and it did not take the handset long to become the fastest selling budget smartphone in Indian market, which is usually hyper competitive. However, such was the success of the device in the country that the brand started manufacturing it in the country itself and sell with a new name of LeEco Le 1S Eco. The debut device itself has set some high standards for its successor and Internet is breaking down with rumours surrounding upcoming Le 2. The handset maker has confirmed that the device will be launched globally in June 2016 and will soon follow to the Indian shores. Here is a list of all that is already known about the device prior to its launch.

Same finesse and finish will be maintained

It was the premium design and all metal unibody design of the Le 1S that made it an instant hit in the budget segment. A year back, if you were looking for a budget segment smartphone all you would have to make do with was a plastic device and at the most it would flaunt a metallic or matte finish. However, Le 1S changed all that and made actual all metal design accessible to all. It is safe to assume that the new handset from the brand would also come with the same all metal unibody design, albeit with a little tweaking around the corner or the finish on the rear panel. Also, we can fully expect the mirror finish fingerprint scanner on the rear panel to make a comeback on this new handset. Having a full metal-clad handset in this price segment is a blessing for those who do not have a budget for even a mid-range device and also want a premium looking handset.


 LeEco might just repeat the tested and trusted display

LeTV Le 1S was one of the very few handsets in the budget segment that came with a full HD display and large enough to enjoy multimedia. It is to be expected that the upcoming smartphone will also feature the same display if not better. We can expect that the LeEco Le 2 will feature the 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels for all things multimedia and gaming. However, there is another school of thought in Android world that believes it might just come with a Quad-HD resolution, which would make it the cheapest handset to feature the same. However, considering that the brand would like to launch the handset in the same price at which Le 1s was launched, this does not seem plausible.

 World’s first budget Deca-core smartphone?

Usually, a successor to a highly successful handset has a lot to live up to and fails to re-create the magic. However, we can expect the Le 2 to outshine Le 1s as according to the Internet this handset is coming with a powerful Helio X20 processor, which happens to be a Deca-core processor. With the speculated clock speed of 2.3 GHz, it goes without saying that the upcoming flagship would be one of the fastest smartphones to exist in the handset market. This handset will also boast of a 3 GB RAM and Adreno 530 GPU. So far, the package looks quite powerful and we can expect the handset to be priced a little higher than usual.

 Camera : More crisp and detail

This is one aspect of the device where the Internet seems to be in two minds, as many believe that it will come with an upgraded camera setup but there is no  common grounds as to what would be the resolution. One speculation states that the handset would come with a 16 Megapixels primary camera on its rear panel and an 8 Megapixels unit on the front.

 Price to remain the same?

LeEco has managed to start off on a massive scale owing to the fact that its debut handset brought some high-end premium features in a price tag unimaginable to Indian smartphone users. It is expected that the handset maker would want to continue the success and price the new Le 2 in the same bracket as that of its predecessor. So, it is sensible to assume that the new smartphone will also be a roaring success like previously launched LeEco mobiles.

It is being speculated that the new handset will be launched on brand’s home turf and will soon follow to India. Android experts and sources have confirmed that the LeEco might unveil the next flagship in the month of June 2016. Here is another smartphone that is worth waiting for in this calendar year.

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  1. Nice article. and good info shares. I guess LE 2 Pro would be a hit if it comes although it’s unlikely as they are launching Le 2 and Le Max 2 here…and the pricing also seems better this time !


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