Legal fight between Samsung and Apple

The legal fight between Samsung and Apple saw one of the important decisions going in favor of Samsung. This happened when the South Korean company got the backing of the US panel, while the older Apple gadgets were banned.

This decision was to be announced on last Friday, however, had been postponed until Tuesday. We had reported to you about the developments back then.

The two MNCs are stuck in a patent battle. The panel has ordered not to import or sell some older versions of the iPhone as well as the iPad.

International Trade Commission has said that it has issued a “limited exclusion order” for selected devices manufactured by Apple. However, Samsung also had mammoth losses in the last year as it is engaged in a legal battle.

However, this time it is a big loss to the US company. That could make Apple come to negations and settlements on some of the legal facades as it continues it legal battle with Samsung. An independent analyst

Rob Enderle, from the Silicon Valley, said that Apple was on the winning side when it came to important and big decisions.

Until now it looked as if Apple had an upper hand. But now as the latest decision has gone in favor of Samsung, there is something to lose and gain for both companies. If that’s the case, then coming to an amicable solution through negotiations looks the best deal.

The case in question was filed in August 2011. The case covered the rights over the patents for Smartphones as well as for tablets.

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