Leica Sofort: Latest Instant Camera to Captures every Moment

Leica has come up with Leica Sofort, its new Instant Camera. The camera defines the way life should be celebrated through photographs with crystal images.

Leica Sofort


Leica has grabbed our attention by unveiling its new edition of its instant camera, the Sofort. This luxury camera will be one of those not many of us can afford. This time, the price of the German product can be associated with the low-end compact cameras rather than with the elite German photography machines. Though it seems to be a bit pricey, Leica is one of those camera production houses which has its own levels.

Leica Sofort is designed to capture spontaneous moments with its top class mechanics. The creativity to seize the memories through instant film photography has been developed for the very first time by Leica.  Fuji, Kodak, Polaroid and many others have developed comparatively cheap and fun cameras which gave us memories to look back to.  Sofort, the gorgeous camera, distracts many of us this time by showing its involvement in the fun.


Leica Sofort as stated earlier has become a little accessible than the normal models with more than £1,000. This luxurious cam uses Fujifilm’s Instax film for producing prints instantaneously. Retaining its classic elements Sofort has a retro-aesthetic effect into it. The multitude of automatic modes such as Party & People, Standard Auto, Sport  & Action and Macro as well as the production of timed and several exposures on just a single print are few of its exceptional features. It has also introduced a self portrait mode to capture the unforgettable selfies with a mirror attached to the front to help us get the perfect selfie shot. It also sports self-timer with two different time delay settings. The back of the camera has a full LCD screen and an optional flash is also there. Sofort has ample features.

Sofort runs at around $US300 which is actually less than what was expected. However, comparing it with other cameras like the very similar Instax from Fuji runs at $175, and the Impossible Project’s Polaroid-like I-1 Camera for $299 there is no harm in getting hold of the expensive Sofort for once. The pretty look and the point to shoot model says, it is worth a buy.

The Leica Sofort will be available in mint green, white or orangevariants. It will be launched in the month of November with an introductory price of $299, which is approximately £225.


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