Lenovo announces A10 Android laptop

Lenovo has announced A10 Android laptop, which is an official announcement after the same was leaked earlier. The A10 Android laptop is the first from Lenovo to be shipped with Android 4.2. The Lenovo A10 Android laptop price may be roughly US $249.

The laptop comes with 10.1 inch HD display and has 32GB of memory. The laptop has 1.6GHz quad-core Cortex-A9 processor along with 2GB of RAM. The processor, according to the company will allow the laptop to have at least nine hours of video playback.Lenovo A10

The users will have Android interface experience with the ‘laptop mode’ of the A10. This includes task bar, status bar and app launcher. These features provide speedy access to the desktop or the app library.

There is also file manager software that comes bundled with the laptop. Lenovo claims that it will be pretty easier to locate the entire library of music, videos and documents.

There is also a ‘stand mode’ in the device that can be helpful for touch-enabled entertainment and apps. For Spotify and Netflix streaming, there are Stereo speakers, which is accompanied by 0.3MP webcam.

The laptop was leaked earlier in this month as the service manuals for the gadget were spotted on the web site of the company. But now as things are officially out, it remains to be seen what stand Lenovo takes when it comes to marketing the A10.

When on one hand there is a slump in the sales of Windows PC, Lenovo has certainly offered something new.

The laptop might be priced around US $249. The device will not be available in United States or in North America. But, Lenovo plans to launch the laptop in Europe, Asia Pacific countries along with Middle East.

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