LG Z curved Smartphone enters mass production?

LG is reportedly producing the LG Z curved OLED Smartphone in a mass production and could beat Samsung to bring such phones in the market. There were reports some days ago that Samsung is going to bring in the market phones with curved screens.

LG is known to have reported these developments to a Korean web site. LG has said that they have already started the mass production of the LG Z that happens to be a curved Smartphone. It is built with OLED display, the company said.LG-Z

Making things virtually worse for Samsung, LG said that the announcement regarding the phone could come any day and that the phone might also see release in this month itself.

Does curved display mean a flexible phone?

But what does ‘curved display’ mean? Does it mean that even the phone will flexible? So those who are thinking on these terms, better chill down. LG has already made it clear that a curved screen does not mean a flexible phone. The phone will be a rigid device that imitates the OLED TV sets. The phone will carry 6-inch display.

It looks like LG has only come up with an announcement regarding the phone to spur up the market and its potential competitors. As a matter of fact, LG hasn’t yet come up with any details about the curved gadget. However, it is only known that there will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor that will come with LTE-A connectivity. There will be a full HD screen as well.

LG needs to come up with an answer to the battery. The battery does not suit the bend of the screen.

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