LG Display Co. Showcases 18-inch Flexible Screen

LG Display Co. has showcased 18-Inch flexible screen. The company has developed this screen, which can even be rolled in the shape of a skinny cylinder. This marks the next steps towards the development of flexible TV sets.

Flexible Screen

The company came out with a statement today, Friday July 11, saying that this flexible screen will come with a resolution of 1200 X 810 pixels. The better part is that it does maintain all its functionalities even when it is in a rolled-up state.

This resolution falls in the category of high-definition pictures. However, the images may not look as sharp as the ultra high-definition imagery that is currently available on flat display.

Flexible Screen Measurements

The introduction of such flexible displays means a key step in theof flexible screens, according to LG. Speaking about the measures of the screen, the South Korean company said, the diameter of the rolled up cylinder will be just 2.4-inches or about 6cms.

Flexible screen

The technology used in this type of screens is OLED. OLED technology is the organic light-emitting diode, which in fact is a LED where the emissive electroluminescent layer is organic compound that produces light when an electric current passes through. This is the latest technology that can display images, pictures and videos in richer colors.

This simply means that LG will now be able to manufacture TV set screens that are as big as 50 inches and they can be rolled up like these 2.4-inch screens. That could take while to achieve that milestone for LG. However, TV sets with that large flexible screen could soon be a reality.

The fight to have flexible screens for devices like mobile handsets and TV sets is not new. The South Korean company is especially fighting hard to achieve the expected results as early as possible so that they can challenge their competitors in other developed countries like China.

There were reports last year that LG will be launching phones with curved screens in this year. Reports also spoke of LG going into mass production for LG Z – a Smartphone with curved screen.

The LG G Flex was another LG product to be in the news for the same reason. These products mentioned here came with flexible screen.

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