LG Electronics to launch their first Smartwatch this year

LG Electronics will be launching the first Smartwatch this year. The Smartwatch will actually be a computerized watch.

Park Jong-seok, who is the President of the company’s mobile communications arm, commented that the earlier Smartwatch models couldn’t do well as their failed to pass the message across and convince the potential customers into buyers. The President further added that the company won’t be releasing products that are ‘half-baked’.

The Smartwatch from LG will be accompanied by Smartphone. The plans for a Smartwatch from LG were announced in Barcelona. Even if LG is now trying to make its way in the mainstream tablets and Smartphone market, it is a latecomer compared to the fact that another South Korean company – Samsung Electronics Co is already a world leader in these markets.

Kim So-yeong, the LG spokeswoman preferred not to comment on the reports doing the rounds that LG will be manufacturing an Android based Smartwatch in the near future. As of now, LG only manufactures some Google Nexus mobile devices.

LG is trying to give a push to their mobile brands in places like North America. Collaboration with Google was one of the key factors in it. LG made the Nexus 5 Smartphone for Google, which was the first device with Android KitKat OS version.

Though, LG Electronics finished the last year at the 4th position as the largest Smartphone maker, that doesn’t translate into profits. The company lost around $58.5 million in the last quarter of the last year as the prices of the Smartphones were continuously gone down and also due to bulky marketing expenditure.

LG is actually far away when it comes to profit sharing from the business done worldwide in the Smartphone segment. The lion’s share is taken by Apple and Samsung.

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