LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round: war of the curved Smartphones

There is certainly a war on the cards as the LG G Flex is ready to take on the Samsung Galaxy Round. South Korea will be the first market for the LG G Flex as the Smartphone will go on sales there. However, there were talks that the LG curved Smartphone would be launched only in the next year.

Both LG and Samsung will be hoping that the new curved design be proved as the next step in handset mobile design and that it does not get a nine day’s wonder. Samsung had unveiled the Galaxy Round in the last month priced at $1,000, which comes with a 5.7 inch display and is curved side to side design.LG-Z

When on one hand the Samsung device is curved from side to side, the LG gadget is curved from top to bottom and comes with 6 inch display. So, is it just a change in design that should be different from that of Samsung’s?

According to LG, the top to bottom curve will minimize the distance between the mouth and the mic when the handset is held in the hand when speaking. So, this will fight the conventional design of a flat and straight handset that has been in use all these years.

There were news reports recently about the LG curved Smartphone and that the likely competition with Samsung’s Galaxy Round. There were some leaks before. However, the phone was confirmed finally this morning.

The sales will start in South Korea from the next month. There are plans to later launch the curved device in the other parts of the world. However, there isn’t confirmation of any date. There is also no word on when the phone would make its entry in the United Kingdom.

LG claims that it is not just the screen that’s curved, but it also has a curved battery. That’s not all. The LG G Flex also comes with a self-healing ‘technology’, which is actually a coating to the back of the phone that will take care of the daily wear and tear

Even though the LG and Samsung .Android phones have different curved screens, there is no doubt that the end result is the same – competition, competition and competition.

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