LG G7 with OLED display launching in January next year

The globally popular company LG will very soon be launching a new smartphone called the LG G7 with OLED display for its customers.

LG G7 with OLED display

LG G7 with OLED display
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Every household is synonymous with the brand LG. Apart from manufacturing televisions, washing machines and other household items, the company has also tried their hands on Android smartphones. And soon it will unveil its new LG G7 with OLED display that will succeed the water-resistant LG G6. The leaked images of LG G6 Mini leave hints about how this smartphone will look like.

More about the launch

Along with the LG G7, LG will also be launching another smartphone called the LG V30. Both the smartphones will have OLED display. The LG G7 with OLED display will have an earlier launch, i.e., before August 2018, according to reports.

LG V30

The LG V30, launching in August this year, will be the company’s first phone with an OLED display. But the device has got a twist to it. The device is definitely going to have a second display like the other V series models of LG but this V30 will have a second display that will slide out from under the standard display and will provide functions like contextual buttons, search results, keyboard and many more.

The LG G7 with OLED display will be the first smartphone to provide the Snapdragon 845 chipset. The G7 will reportedly launch in the month of January 2018, ahead of Samsung’s launch that generally launches their smartphones in the months of March/April and September.


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