LG Innotek Jointly Develops 3D Camera for Apple iPhone 8?

LG Innotek collaborated with Apple and jointly decided to make a 3Dcamera module. The smartphone camera would see a 3D camera in iPhone 8. Without much delay, let’s get straight to the detailed story.

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The 3D camera is expected to use the dual camera of LG Innotek and eventually be incised into Apple’s next year’s flagship. As of now, things aren’t very clear about this and we will have to confirm if the 3D camera will be there for all the iPhone 8 variants. As of now, it’s known that these variants will sport three sizes and all of them will have black backs.

If sources are to be believed, Apple is now studying how to apply its 3D camera technology into LG Innotek’s smartphone camera.” Moving on further sources added that because LG Innotek comes with its very own 3D camera as well as the technology that’s needed, the joint venture like this one will most likely deliver the goods anytime in the upcoming year.

Last year in April, the American giant had acquired LinX, an Israeli start-up, for $20 million. The company was established in 2011. The 3D technology they possess considers the depth of pictures. LinX’s 3D camera division was fully taken over by Apple. It effectively divides a particular digital picture, in three different stages.

Earlier in October this year, Apple was seen making headlines with its first presence at Mobile World Congress. And now this news follows in just about one month’s time.

Coming back to LG Innotek news, for providing a quality 3D photographing experience to the fans, it is very important to use the dual camera technology as a bundle.

The company is all set to supply its dual cameras exclusively for iPhone 7. It was just the last month when we saw the Apple iPhone 7 getting released in Korea. Prior to this in the year 2011, LG Electronics had released Optimus 3D where the company has used its own 3D camera technology.

It seems something interesting would reach soon. However, we still have to wait for Apple’s latest products manufacturing that is said to get started from the latter half of the year 2017. But it is worth waiting, isn’t it? What do you feel? Do share your comments.


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