LG to receive support from Apple for producing iPhone OLED display

Instead of relying on Samsung alone, Apple will now support LG to produce its iPhone OLED display. Let’s find out more about this story!

iPhone OLED display

iPhone OLED display
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As per the analyst of KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will now support LG for getting its iPhone OLED display successfully produced. The report says that Apple found its OLED displays the most difficult element considering the bargaining abilities. Well, the good news for iPhone users is that iPhone 9 will be accompanied by these fantastic OLED displays.

It is believed that Apple is all set to making LGD prepared for producing OLED displays in the year 2018. This commitment will help the company in minimizing the uncertain supply risks. In the initial phase of 2018, LGD may begin with a smaller penetration of around 4-6%. But gradually, Apple will strive to help LGD in order to acquire the supply share in 2019. This will have a smart yet positive effect on the bargaining capacities of Apple. Besides such strong commitments by Apple, the company is geared up for the launch of iPhone 8 soon. Know the related scoops, specs, inside information about this new flagship device right here.

Further, the Korea Economic Daily has written in its report that Apple is likely to invest $2.7 billion in advance for supporting the production team of LG for OLED displays. Apple also looks forward to achieving the supply of 45,000 units of its 6.5th-generation OLED panels from the year 2019 on monthly basis.


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