LG will launch curved screen phones only next year

LG was speaking of launching curved screen phones this month. However, now the South Korean company has said that they will launch phones with curved screens only in the next year. That puts to rest the speculations surrounding the launch of such devices by LG. There aren’t any details available about the handset as yet.

LG had previously announced that they will be manufacturing phones in bulk with organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology. The announcement from LG comes soon after Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy Round – the Smartphone with curved screen.LG-Z

Samsung as well as LG use the same technology for manufacturing curved OLED TV sets. The displays that are used in the TV sets are theoretically known as ‘flexible’, there isn’t an element of flexibility in the real sense. They are simply mounted on flexible shells that are fixed. And that’s why the shape cannot be changed after the manufacturing process is complete.

Coming back to the curved screens for mobiles, LG has said that its mobiles would be designed in a shape of the screen will arc from top to bottom. The advantage of such a design, according to LG, is that the panels become bendable but remain unbreakable. The vertically concave design will have a radius of 28-inches or about 700 inches.

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