Know Your Limits When Sharing Information on Facebook

Sharing Information on Facebook can be fun and risk, both. What does it mean when we say it can be a risk. There can be sensitive issues related to your sharing. Take a look what it can be.

Sharing Information on Facebook

Delete Facebook, Sharing Information on Facebook

Facebook has been one of the most popular social networking sites in the world today. With millions of members, there are unlimited sources available for hackers to target accounts. Sensitive information can cost badly in case that is left out in the open. It is always better to be as restricted as possible when it comes to sharing your information publicly.

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Sharing your birthday

One of the riskiest businesses is to let people know your date of birth. How cool it feels when your wall is flooded with birthday wishes. One can easily go over the moon. After all, such wishes never pour in daily. So, it is the best opportunity to get the wishes from people around you in the cyberspace.

But the risky part is your account could potentially get hacked just by those birthday numbers. It is very likely that you compose your password with the help of your birth date. For that reason, after trying out various combinations with those numbers, who knows, someone may come out with your real password.
The best thing is to let your birthday be known only to your friends and keep it private if possible.

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Sharing your Number

Another thing that’s related to sharing information on Facebook is your phone number. Tracking the physical location of someone is getting easier day by day. One is hardly ready to part with the home address as it’s the physical location for you and your dear family. However, a contact number is unique to you only and therefore giving away one’s mobile or phone number is very common.

A phone number is what all a criminal is looking forward to. With reverse lookup services, it will be easy catching up with you even if you haven’t disclosed any details. From just that one number, your entire bio-data can be prepared in no time.

So be careful when giving out your number. The best is not to put it up at all.

Enjoying your trip

If you are moving out of the station to enjoy your holidays, just move out without a hush. Refrain from posting your vacation photos on your status or give out any information that will reveal your current physical presence. That is just inviting the unwanted attention to your house.

However, if you are impatient to let the world know where you spent your last two weeks, you can do that from the comfort of your home after returning.

If Facebook has the power to socialize and make your stuff go viral, it has this flip side as well. It is better to prevent than curing the ailments later, isn’t it? And now you know what sharing information on Facebook means, right?

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