LinkedIn Blocked in Russia: Orders Court

The largest business and employment related social networking site, LinkedIn blocked in Russia. The website has been involved with Russia’s data protection laws for quite a long time. Now a local court has ordered to block the site.

LinkedIn Blocked in Russia

LinkedIn blocked in Russia

Actually, the LinkedIn blocked in Russia issue revolves around the command that says the company has to keep personal information of Russian residents on the servers within the territory. Soon after that, a local court ordered that as LinkedIn is not following the earlier orders. Therefore the latest order says for a blocking of the site. Roskomnadzor, who is the Russian communication legislator has now released an official statement, which confirms Moscow’s city court is supporting the order for LinkedIn blocked in Russia.

Yesterday, the social networking site had issued its statement relating to all of these situations for the social site being blocked in Russia:

“LinkedIn’s vision is to create economic opportunity for the entire global workforce. We are starting to hear from members in Russia that they can no longer access LinkedIn. Roskomnadzor’s action to block LinkedIn denies access to the millions of members we have in Russia and the companies that use LinkedIn to grow their businesses. We remain interested in a meeting with Roskomnadzor to discuss their data localization request.”

As a matter of fact, there are 5 million LinkedIn users residing in Russia. Currently, the site is having 467 million users. So it can be interpreted that the decision is typically a strong hit on the social networking site. This could also be said that LinkedIn a comparatively smaller social site as compared to the big players in the industry operating in the whole world as well as Russia.

For now, we don’t have any news on what the further plans of LinkedIn are. We will soon update you as and when we pick up some information from the company. As of now, do let us know your views on this story of blocking LinkedIn from Russia. How long will the ban continue?


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