Long lasting batteries: Batteries may last 50 years

If long lasting batteries is your concern and you are looking for one, a new technology may give you batteries that may long up to 50 years.

It is understood that some researchers have developed batteries with the help of latest technology. This could potentially make the dream of having long lasting batteries come true.

It was earlier just a thought if batteries could be that strong to keep the backup stored and that would last virtually limitless. It has been age old assumption that the positive cathode, ion-conducting electrolyte and negative anode are capable of playing one role only. These are the three key components a battery.

However, researchers working with the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have challenged this theory.Long lasting batteries

So, how can there be long lasting batteries?

The electrolyte component of the new batteries can play two roles – it can be cathode supplement to go with ion conductor. There is the use of ORNL-developed solid electrolyte. This helps in boosting the power of the battery, thus extending the lifespan.

The new perception behind the new lithium carbon fluoride battery was displayed by the ORNL team. It is known as the best single-use battery to be the most efficient one due to its stability and energy volume.

When the scientists at ORNL integrated solid lithium thiophosphate electrolyte, the battery produced more than 25% of capacity. This was more than the theoretical high if each of the components were to perform separately.

Cathode and electrolyte work in cooperation with each other and that’s why these batteries prove to be long lasting batteries. It may sound as exaggeration but this development could mean years and years of extra life.

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