Want longer battery life with iOS 7 installed? Read this

iOS 7 is the latest offering from Apple. However, it is there to potentially eat up your device’s battery life for various reasons. The interesting thing is that there are settings that slouch under the menus that are enough to drain the battery down. If you feel the battery of your gadget is draining down faster than normal, you would need to check these settings out.

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates are certainly a great time saver. You do not need to check things manually and will get the updates automatically, as the name suggests. These automatic updates allow you to keep your apps in a brand new avatar. Apple has tried to make things easier on the battery and made it cognizant of power consumption.

However, that comes at a cost when you know that you will not have any facility to charge your device or are without a charger. In such a scenario, it is best to disable this function.










How to disable automatic updates

For disabling automatic updates, navigate to Settings => iTunes and to Apple Store. Here you can disable the “Updates” option. However, remember to check Apple Store for any latest app versions.


Spotlight is another villain that comes in between the battery and its long life. It drains down the battery pretty faster. What happens is that it has the ability to search almost everything and anything might be a huge productivity jab. But this, in turn means that Spotlight continuously keeps scanning for newer data and indexes it.

How to un-index items

Un-indexing the items you do not need will lessen the load on Spotlight and in turn the draining of the battery. Head towards Settings => General => Spotlight Search. Uncheck those options that you do not need indexing at all.

Background App Refresh

Like devices, even humans carry out multiple tasks simultaneously, more popularly known as multi-tasking. In this feature, background apps are still active as the user keeps multitasking. However, the reason why the battery tends to lose power faster is that all the apps, by default, are set to refresh. Most of the time, it keeps consuming the battery power and life for no real output.

How to disable background app refresh

For disabling the background app refresh, head to Settings => General => Background App Refresh. From here on, you have two options. You can either turn the refresh off for those apps that you do not need to refresh or you can entirely disable the settings.

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