Loon Balloon – Google project’s balloons to fly in Indian skies

The Google balloons that are launched under Loon Balloon are likely to fly in Indian skies soon. It could happen in the experimental stage of Google that are testing the success of the balloons. For that, they are taking the balloons to different parts of the world.

We had reported to you about the Project Loon a few days back, where there were talks of the 4.7 billion people ultimately getting the internet connection.Project Loon1

It looks like India could be one of those countries where the Indian skies will see the balloons providing internet connection to people while they remain suspended in the air. The prime aim of these balloons and the project is making internet available in remote areas of the world.

Todd Rowe, who is a managing director with Google, said that they have been receiving loads of queries regarding their new project. India is also one of these countries that are interested in the project, he said.

There were lots of talks about this project when it started in New Zealand. Though there is still a lot of distance to cover and the project is still in its infancy, it is but natural that a project from Google will always bring in the enthusiasm across the globe.

The people in the rural areas will be the one to be most benefited by the project. The company is planning to have low costs for providing internet facilities. So, more and more people are likely to get attracted towards it.
These balloons are armed with antennas, computers as well as the equipment that is needed to connect to the internet. Google balloons come with solar panels that can help in exploiting the solar energy.

Google will be providing devices to those households who are interested in using Google balloons. Having the device attached to their houses can activate the reception of the internet.

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