The ‘Lord of the Rings’ of All Computer Chargers May Be Coming in 2014

Guest post by: Ezra Melino

There are quite a few things that everyone, and this means absolutely everyone, loathes in life: sharing proximity with incessant pets and children that won’t be quiet, stubbing your toes on furniture, dropping exact change in your car right when you pull up to a toll or drive-thru window, and forgetting your laptop charger at home as you watch the last few drops of power leak away with no hopes of recharging it.GP - charger

But what if the latter could be easily solved simply by borrowing a friend or coworker’s universal charger designed to incorporate every laptop on the market? Sounds like an instant day-brightener, doesn’t it? Well, prepare yourself because it could happen in 2014. As for those other things, you may have to endure yet a while longer.

Likewise to the recently adopted universal smartphone charger by the European Union in September, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has made a powerful proposal in developing overall standard power supply compatibility for laptop chargers across the board. Its aim is set on depleting the ugly horde of e-waste that grows by half a million tons every year.

“The IEC International Standards for the universal charger for mobile phones has been widely adopted by the mobile phone industry and is already starting to help reduce e-waste.  A single power supply covering a wide range of notebook computers is the next step in lowering e-waste and its impact on our planet. I am proud that the IEC has yet again managed to make the best possible technical solution available,” IEC General Secretary and CEO Frans Vreeswijk said in a recent statement.

“The IEC is all about bringing concrete, feasible solutions to the market place. We welcome input from many sides to make our work as broadly relevant as possible. The result are state-of-the art tools that allow policy makers to initiate achievable and effective energy-efficiency and waste-management programmes.”GP - charger1

Generally speaking, many laptop owners are not only throwing away their chargers when they break but their computers as well, regrettably adding piles on top of piles of e-waste. Thoughtfully, in order to avoid this, the innovative new charger will take all components of the charger into account. This includes the connector and plug as well. It’s possible that a universal standard would also aid in preventing recalls for overheated chargers. We’ll have to wait and see. But 2014 is literally just around the corner.

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