Lost your keys and wallet? Let the app FindMyStuff find it for you

Losing the keys and the wallet is a common problem for many of us. But with the app FindMyStuff, it is easy to get the things back. If losing wasn’t common, then we have certainly misplaced the bunch of keys at least once in our lives until now.

But then this is where the technology with an app like FindMyStuff around, you do not have to worry about your belongings anymore. The app can help you trace your lost articles in a matter of a few moments.Tower range
The app can search the items with the help of a special search engine you’re your computer of Smartphone.

The technology is being developed by the Ulm University in Germany that can detect the thing exactly where it is placed in the house. Finding the wallet, the keys of the car is a common thing for this app.
There is a text box to key in the name of the article that you want to search for. It is just like typing a search term as one does on Google search engine.
But then how does the app help in finding the articles?

There is already a network of some miniature sensors that already sit on the articles that one wishes to trace. These sensors are also placed around in the house. This is only when the stuff one wishes to find can be found. The app will then answer back as to where the item lies in the house.

Florian Schaub, who is being credited as being the creator of the app FindMyStuff, said that the size of the chips, transmitters, and sensors was getting tinier by the day. And that is why the entire world is literally changing in ‘digital homes’. He added that there is virtually everything that can now commute with computers.
Florian Schaub further added that the technology can be used for things like wallets, key chains, and sunglasses.

FindMyStuff is scheduled for a launch next month.

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