MacBook Air Discontinued; Buy MacBook Pro at $1,499

MacBook Air discontinued as the Cupertino mammoth has unveiled the latest MacBook Pro laptop. Though, the 13-inch MacBook Air will continue its availability with a price tag of $999.

MacBook Air Discontinued


To take a note, Apple’s brand new MacBook Pro in the entry level doesn’t sport the Touch Bar that is placed perfectly above the keyboard. The freshly released laptop will also not feature the Touch ID sensor, which as we know enables people to unlock their device and make a purchase online.

As for the pricing factors, the 13-inch laptop would carry a tag of $1,499. And the thinner Pro was looking amazing at the event that happened yesterday.

Apple has underlined that the 11-inch MacBook Air discontinued after the release of MacBook Pro. But it will continue to sell the device in the schools. But unfortunately, the dead laptop won’t receive any update from now on, as said by Apple.

The death of MacBook Air could seem like a surprise but the entry of Apple’s Retina MacBook could put a stop to this noise. The 12-inch ultra-slim Retina MacBook carries almost the same price tag of $1,299 along with the same form factors.

Apple has listed its name in the Mobile World Congress for the first time this year. The Cupertino manufacturer had recently brought the Nike+ watch for the Indian market, which looked awesome.

MacBook Air discountinued

Apple fans will still get an option of 13-inch MacBook Air under $1000. But you can also opt for the Pro version for much higher performance and this would not cost you that high penny. The newest member seems cool with some stunning features, but we will be able to tell you a detailed working condition about MacBook Pro once we do a hands-on.

If you want to try the new MacBook Pro, head on to the website and order one for yourself. Don’t forget to share your first Pro experience as you now see the MacBook Air discontinued.


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