MacBook Pro Performance Flags a Benchmark

Apple released the new MacBook Pro two days back. And now, the company has shared the MackBook Pro performance standards for both 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro Performance


The MacBook Pro is one of the most highlighted devices of the year. The Touch Bar being its most amazing feature, Apple has more to show. Apple with the news of the new MacBook Pro also shared its major performance benchmark. Bringing Polaris for the first time with graphic cards Radeon 450, 455 and 460 Pro. MacBook Pro performance is definitely something to be talked about. Apple would be increasing the performance of the device by 2x per Watt. The company would be reducing the cost per chip as well.

Apple in its event announced that it has discontinued the MabBook Air. The MacBook Pro 13-inch device will be backed up by Intel Iris Pro integrated graphic processors. The 13-inch MacBook Pro would have two IGPs, Intel Iris Pro 450 and Intel Iris 550. Graphic solutions inside the device would undoubtedly turn out to be a blessing for the gamers.

As far as the 15-inch MacBook Pro is concerned, the device would have three dedicated GPUs. MacBook Pro just turned more Pro-er. Radeon 460, Radeon 455, Radeon 450 are the names of the three GPUs. Also, it is expected that these GPUs would be based on Polaris 11.

Gaming testing includes Tomb Raider for the 13-inch MacBook Pro whereas Grid 2 Reloaded for the 15-inch device. The MacBook Pro performance increased by 60% is truly a benchmark. The new MacBook Pro could turn out one of the best devices for gamers.

Final Cut ProX performance is represented by the video editing side. The video editing has increased 57% from what it was serving earlier. 3D Graphic side shows Maya 2017 and Autodesk as well. The new MackBook Pro will have 130% increased performance as compared to the earlier product.

MacBook Pro performance has definitely increased and created a benchmark as compared to the older MacBook Pro. There are many amazing things yet to be discovered for the MacBook Pro device.

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