MacBook Pro Touch Bar: Update for iMovie, Xcode and More

Apple has finally started the update for its apps to support MacBook Pro Touch Bar. iMovie, Xcode, GarageBand, Keynote are the few apps to get the update.

MackBook Pro Touch Bar



The newly launched Apple MackBook Pro has many new features to boast. The key feature of the device is the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. The new MackBook Pro has Fn keys missing, instead, it has got Touch Bar in its place.

Apple has brought updates for its apps to support MackBook Pro Touch Bar. iMovie, Xcode, Keynote, GarageBand, Numbers, and Pages are the few apps to get the update first.

iMovie has got an update for Touch Bar. It gives its users to play the movie and also adjust the volume for the video. Touch Bar definitely would give its users a great experience, handling functions of iMovie with it. You can even add pictures or videos to the movie. Functions like green screen and split screen effects can also be accessed by the Touch Bar.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar offers functions for Xcode editor. Functions specifically for its context and also quick access to project navigator and more! Xcode is basically an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) containing tools for the development of Apple apps.

GarageBand is a digital audio workstation. The Touch Bar would allow you to adjust and access controls of GarageBand. It would help you to adjust features on the track you are working on. You can access to almost all controls available in the app using the new bar.

In Numbers, Touch Bar offers a quick access to the tools. Same is for the Pages, and Keynote. The Touch Bar can edit texts or shapes according to what you’re working with. It can give a quicker access and easy experience for the users using such applications.

The iTunes update is not yet available but might be available sooner for download. iTunes has got a newer version 12.5.2. supporting the Touch Bar. You can access to emoticons through the Touch Bar. There are many more features you can directly access it. It’s definitely a new and unique feature to attract the audience.  Few of the apps would be bringing the updates sooner for the new feature MacBook Pro Touch Bar. Especially the third-party apps would be bringing the updates for the new feature.


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