macOS Sierra Available as Free Update Finally

macOS Sierra available as free update finally to the public for all macOS versions launched since 2009. It comes with exciting features and updates.

macOS Sierra Available as Free Update

Apple macOS Sierra Beta version was released a few months back for developers and users. And, the GM version of macOS Sierra was made available last week. Now, the company has finally made the latest Apple macOS available to the public and it has a free update. Apple has worked really hard on this OS including a lot of under the hood work and that’s what makes it a complete package.

The macOS Sierra is considered to be the most awaited operating system ever developed by Apple. It was evident from the fact that the iOS 10 adoption rate showed a cool 15% so far. And, there are a lot of expectations from this OS which is promised to be fulfilled.


Apple is introducing a lot of features which is taken from iOS to the desktop via macOS Sierra. One of the major features is bringing up Siri to the desktop. It also includes features like iCloud Desktop and Documents, Universal Clipboard, Apple Pay and Auto Unlock and much more.

Talking about macOS Sierra available as free update and Siri, the personal assistant app, Apple has launched it in the macOS Sierra in full swing which has an advance performance. Siri has the latest form which will be working in its full potential. Now, it enables the users to send emails and message, search documents, look up for various sorts of information, find  the photo library of the users and many more features to make your life easier.

There’s also a new feature which has been included in Siri this time. This feature gives you the access to store Siri results. iCloud feature makes it easier for you to manage desktop files on iPhone and iPad. Also, the Universal Clipboard has the ability to copy the contents of an app to another app in various devices.

There’s one latest feature called Auto Unlock which has been added to the desktop that works with Apple watch. Auto Unlock makes way for an automatic Mac login when you wear Apple watch. The Photo app is also updated now with features like detecting face automatically, objects as well as scene in a particular picture with an image editor tool. Another amazing feature added to macOS Sierra available as a free update is Apple Pay.

It makes the Safari online shopping more convenient, reliable and much more secure. The macOS Sierra is rolling out to public and made available as a free update for all Mac OS which has been released since 2009 by Apple. Though, there are chances that all the features won’t be compatible with all the versions of mac, or different languages and regions.

Apple has added a number of features and the macOS Sierra available as free update apart from what we discussed. The features given below are also a major change made by the company:

Messages makes conversations more interesting, allowing users to preview web links and play video clips from right within the app; respond to messages with a Tapback like a heart, thumbs up and more directly onto a message bubble; and send bigger emoji for more message impact.

Tabs are now available across Mac apps that support multiple windows, including Maps, Mail, Pages®, Numbers®, Keynote®, TextEdit, and even third-party apps.

Picture in Picture floats video from Safari or iTunes® in a window over the desktop. The window can be resized, dragged and pinned to any corner of the screen so users can watch video while they work.

Optimized Storage frees up space when a Mac starts getting full by storing infrequently used items in the cloud and helping users remove apps and files they no longer need.

Apple Music® in iTunes makes it even easier to discover new music and browse exclusives and new releases.


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