Malware Attack on BSNL Modems: 2000 Modems Likely Affected

A Malware attack on BSNL modems has come to the fore in yet another incident of the dark web making its appearance. The company has asked its users to change their passwords.

Malware Attack on BSNL Modems

Malware attack on BSNL modems

After BSNL announced the BSNL Sixer 666 pack for its users, it takes a hit as a malware attack on BSNL modems has come to the fore. It’s understood that the malware attack has targeted the broadband users in India. This can be kind of a setback for the company, which is going to bring 5G network in India with Nokia’s help. The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), which is an Indian state-owned telecommunications company came out with a message asking the users to change their passwords forthwith.

The company headquartered in New Delhi.has said that only those modems, having the “admin” password are under threat. Which means modems with that “admin” password are hacked. Now, this again emphasizes how important it is to have a secure password. There are a few factors that you must do and a few you must avoid when choosing your right password.

BSNL Chairman Anupam Shrivastava, while speaking to PTI tried to infuse confidence in its users by saying:

The situation has been addressed to a great extent. We are advising customers that they should immediately change their passwords, and they should not be worried about using broadband once they have done that.

He added saying, this malware attack on BSNL modems is not big enough to have any negative impact on any other system. This, for example, includes billing. So, the scale of the malware attack is not huge. Moreover, BSNL call centers were trying to help out those customers who were facing issues due to this attack.

Are you a BSNL modem user and experienced any such malware attack on BSNL modems? Do go through the tips to secure your password for a better one. And don’t forget to comment below.


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