Media glitches with iOS 7? Fix them right now

In our previous articles, we have dealt with problems with iOS 7 regarding the top three problems and glitches regarding emails and Bluetooth. This time around, we will be having a look at some media problems with the iOS 7.

Speakers not responding

Problems have been reported after an update of the iOS 7 being run regarding the speaker. While the problems vary, they include no audio at all from the speaker or the audio disappears when any media file is played. Problems have also been recorded with headphones. For this, one needs to check out some settings, of course.iOS7

Way out

  • Some of the most common solutions include rebooting the phone.
  • Even restoring the phone does help at times.
  • At times headphones do work. Then this is an indicator that the problem may be with port. Blast it with compressed air. You can even suck gently to check if anything has got stuck.
  • However, there are some more specific solutions. Go to Settings => General => Accessibility => Mono Audio. Once you reach this point, crosscheck that the audio is set to off.

Media controls not functioning

The media controls in the Control Center on the Lock Screen do not work once the iOS 7 update has been run. Many people have been reported to have come across this problem. But the best thing is that there is an easy way out.

Way out

  • Hold the Sleep/Wake button as long as the “slide to power off” button doesn’t appear.
  • Once it does, slide it. This will shut the device off.
  • Hold the Sleep/Wake button once again until the Apple logo is visible.

Motion sickness

One of the most commonly observed problems with the iOS 7 is motion sickness. The phone can feel ‘dizzy’ when there are a host of effects like zooming transition, brighter icons, and not to forget the parallax effect, etc.

However, it must be mentioned that at the moment, you cannot turn the animation effects off. Apple hasn’t yet addressed the issue, but is expected to come up with a solution in future update.

Way out

  • Verify that there is a static wallpaper. To confirm, go to Settings => Wallpaper & Brightness. Choose from Stills or any of your photos.
  • Navigate to Settings => General => Accessibility => Reduce Motion. At times, reducing the motion will help the phone to process more effectively.
  • Reduce transparency from Settings => General => Accessibility => Increase Contrast. This is also a potential way out.

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